Thursday, April 19, 2012

Album Review: Halestorm The Strange Case Of...

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Got a new review up over on Gotham Rocks

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It is of the new Halestorm disk The Strange Case of...

This right here is a group that is looking to break into mass worldwide appeal with some blatant pop tracks surround by some hard rock. 

Front woman Lzzy Hale (see where he band name comes from now?) dominates everything and with reason as she is a very marketable frontwoman who has a legit voice.  Lyrically things seem middle of the road, with moderate gender switching and bitch acting as a provocative word, I guess, but the musicianship and craft is cool.  Brother Arejay seems to ham it up along with sis in the first video released for the track "Love Bites (And So Do I)" below.

Here is where you can get the album and check some videos below.

"Love Bites (And So Do I)" The hardest song on the disk-

"All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" Heart cover from the EP I mentioned in the review:

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