Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NYPL Blog Post- Dinosaur Jr. You're Living All Over me

Hey all, got a post over on NYPL blogs.  Give it a gander below:

This is my latest entry in the the Great Albums You May Have Missed series at NYPL Blogs.  Readers of RtBE have known of my Dinosaur Jr. love for years now, but it is always fun to cross over the free time stuff with the work stuff.

If by some odd reason you have not heard this album, do so immediately.  It is one of the great guitar rock albums out there, the power contained with in is seismic.  I mentioned this post was coming when I previewed the new single "Watch the Corners" from the band's up coming I Bet The Sky.  I have written a ton about it already, so below are a few clips that you can enjoy.  Take the disk out of the library here, buy the album here and support the artist as always.         

"Little Fury Things"

"The Lung" Live at the start of their comeback...

"Tarpit"  I posted this cool video once before...don't care it's awesome.

"Sludgefeast" Live from 6-12-2008

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