Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Dead Kenny G's -Gorelick EP- Album Review

The Dead Kenny G's
Gorelick EP
***and1/2 out of *****

Freak-out schizophrenic punk rock jazz are the unique genre waters that The Dead Kenny G's swim (basically alone) in.  They don't care about being labeled as they can effortless go from out and out horror rock into hip-hop beats or toss off political rants over Led Zeppelin like breaks.  All of which shows up on the bands tight 6 song EP, Gorelick titled after Kenny G's real last name.

The trio has their ear to the electric punk third rail throughout this quick release as the opening "Gorelick" rumbles, sounding like it comes from hell itself with its blast beats, sludge drenched bass, and mutated lyrics.  If that opening sonic attack wasn't enough the group then covers The Dead Kennedy's "Kill The Poor" with aplomb even tossing in an almost 2nd line brass band intro.

"Trivial Assault" catches a dirty groove and rolls with it over 2 minutes of skin pounding ass shaking get down grime before scrapping that for chanting break down before returning to the groove to wrap things up.  "Punk Rock Girlfriend" is just that, a punk ode played by a jazz band while "Daddy Issues" is a heavy metal run through which makes a saxophone sound harder then any guitar out there.    

For those uninitiated into the world of Skerik, Mike Dillon and Brad Houser, prepare yourself for utter musical chaos, but also be ready for some of the most alive, adventurous and whacky tunes out there.  Gorelick continues The Dead Kenny G's trend of freaking you out while instantly impressing, pretty much what we want all music to do.     
Gorelick has been some of the craziest 17+ minutes I have heard this year.  After catching The Dead Kenny G's open for Galactic earlier this year I was super impressed and had to track this down.  I have know of the band for years having seen Skerik play as far back as 00/01 but this latest disk just cooks, especially in the live setting.  Definitely support the band here, catch them when you can live, buy the album and check out some samples of the insanity below: 

"Kill The Poor" live

Live at Red Rocks in HD:

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