Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Funday- Jack White Interview

A few months ago we reviewed one of our favorite shows of the year, one in which Jack White tore down the Roseland Ballroom with some fantastic playing.  When we submitted the review to Glide Magazine, we opened with the line "Jack White is one damn sexy superstar".  The editors of the sight switched "sexy" to "Bad Ass" when they published the article, totally their choice, when I asked them why, the response I got was they didn't think Jack went for that particular phrase.
I for one think that sexiness is steeped in everything he does, and when I came across this interview with him I thought it would be cool to post it for you as the first question has to do with sexiness in his songs:
He touches on a lot of stuff here that I think is fantastic, thoughts on love songs, hip hop as the blues, and forcing himself to struggle on stage.

Here is part 2:

Of course he mentions his spiritual mentor Dylan and being real here,  image connected to meaning (including his colors), ideas on celebrity disclosure.  Easily the coolest thing he talked about was soccer fans taking "Seven Nation Army" and singing/chanting the medley of it in huge arenas. 
His thoughts on songs and releasing them is perfect, really cool to hear.  Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did...Enjoy your weekend:

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