Tuesday, September 25, 2012

William Elliott Whitmore 9-13-12 Live Review

Photo by Adam Fried
Hey all,

Got a new review up on Glide.

Read it Right C'here!!!

It is of William Elliott Whitmore's live show from September 13th 2012 at City Winery.

This was our first time seeing William Elliott Whitmore and also our first time hitting City Winery.  Both are worth revisiting multiple times as the show and venue were both fantastic.

We unfortunately missed Samantha Crain who opened, but WEW's set was more then enough to make those in attendance happy.  A full gorgeous room (in both sound and sight) made the night even more enhanced.  WEW's sound isn't really bluegrass, folk, or blues, but a deep combo of all of them.  Maybe the sound of which all of those sprung?  Who knows, I just know it was good, thanks to Anti Records and the artist.

Click on the review link for a full run through.  Click here for more info on WEW and make sure you catch him live when you can...a few videos below to sample his sound.

"Diggin' My Grave"

"Hell or High Water" Live 

"Bury Your Burdens in the Ground"

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