Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Album Review: Dead Confederate -In The Marrow

Dead Confederate 
In the Marrow
**and1/2 out of *****

On the third release from these Georgia based rockers their musical palette has opened but fans will still find solace in the massive guitars and feedback.  The most unique track opens things up as "Slow Poisons" creeps out of the swamps to drip into the ears. The psychedelic journey is a haunting and majestic one that sets up the album for something magical, and In The Marrow starts that way if unfortunately it doesn't finish in the same style. 

After the cosmic opening track things stay positive with the riff heavy "Vacations" powering out. The snarling vocals and screeching ending scruff up this tune wonderfully as T. Hardy Morris nails the whining style of singing while Walker Howle scorches the six string.  The low end gets to shine with a fuzz bass and drum highlighted "Bleed Through"before the title track brings things even higher as grandiose arena ready noise rock.

After the first 4 tracks things are pretty much perfect in the vein of 90's tinged loud rock, unfortunately the second half of In The Marrow can't live up to the first half, dragging immensely.

"Best Of The Worst" starts the trend of mid tempo blah as it just isn't sludgy enough to succeed. "Dead Poetry" is the oddest track here, an upbeat tune whose vocals are woefully out of place sinking the whole effort. The final tracks "Big City Life" and "Winter Waters" are slow wanderers that never show much signs of life, ending things on a down note.    

A tale of two halves for Dead Confederate as In The Marrow shows some real high points before becoming stale. Split the difference with this one if you can. 
Dead Confederate is a band I always think I will enjoy more then I actually do. All of the influences are there, as is the playing, but for me it hasn't fully come together yet in my brain. I would love to catch them live as I am sure I will enjoy their playing. As it stands In The Marrow is a mixed bag and a tale of two sides, I will go back to the first half, but skip the second.

Support the Band here, see them live here grab the disk here and peep some samples below:
"Slow Poisons"


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