Thursday, June 6, 2013

Album Review: The Unnaturals -The Unnaturals vs. The 50ft Bettie

The Unnaturals 
The Unnaturals vs. The 50ft Bettie
***and 1/2 out of *****

The New Orleans based trio The Unnaturals slip and slide around surf rock with scuzzy ease on their first release The Unnaturals vs. The 50ft Bettie. Incorporating elements of punk/garage/rockabilly the group keeps their instrumental tunes rolling early into the next dawn.   

Kevin Bowles on guitar, Jenn Attaway on bass and Dano Cardona on drums inject the proceedings with spit and spirit also titling the tracks pretty perfectly as openers "Sex Wax" and "If Only Keith Richards Could Surf" sound exactly how you think they would; The Ventures by way of the Gulf Coast. 

"Redneck Riot" contains some catchy bass and guitar dueling while "Dead Man's Hand" is a nice ode to Dick Dale. On some opposite ends of the spectrum are "Tequila Mockingbird" which contains a metal edge before "Ballad for a Rebel" shows off a bit of the trio's softer side.

The title tracks shines with a glorious 50's vibe while "Rumblebee" is a showcase for Bowles guitar technical prowess.  "Unnatural Progression" sums up the band nicely in one track as it begins with a country sway before building up the pace to metal speed then inserting punkish breaks.

The group has their style and sound locked in on their first release showing a supreme level of musicianship. Hopefully in the future a tad more variety will mix in with things, but for fans of instrumental surfing rock and roll you need grab this album today.

We mentioned catching The Unnaturals open up a show at Siberia during our Sazerwrap-up of Jazzfest, so it is with great joy that we found their newest album on bandcamp.  You can buy the album or stream it here.  Peep some live samples below, this band cooks with more raw energy when they play live and we love that.
"Dead Man's Hand" Live

"Attack of the 50ft Bettie" Live

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