Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Album Review: This is Head -The Album EP

This Is Head 
The Album EP 
*** out of *****

While the indie-rock quartet from Malmo, Sweden may not be the best at naming their band, This Is Head, or their new release, The Album EP, they sure do make some impressive tunes.  Sounding like U2 circa 1994 the band mixes sonic palettes wonderfully.

The stand out song is easily the opening “Time’s An Ocean” which could put this band on the world stage with its broad appeal.  Starting with an odd electro siren the tune then transforms into a fluid and experienced pop framework via a crafty bass line and crisp instrumentation.  The expansive sound grows behind soaring vocals and rolling wave like rhythms.  

“Staring Lenses” ups the instrument ante incorporating strings into its frantic finale while “A B-version” starts eerily with pulses and electro wind wisps before a bouncy/freaky build up.  “XVI” is a late night instrumental for hipsters to slow dance too; some poorly timed piano fills detract but lush guitar sounds fill out any missteps.   

The 25 minute EP ends with “0007 (A Remix By Koralleven)” twinkling with spacey sounds, digital horns and drums.   The band has created landscapes of engaging textural sound that seem to flow effortlessly into the horizon.  
A lucky one to stumble upon, This Is Head have 4 solid tracks here.

Support the artists here, peep some samples below:
"Time's An Ocean"

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