Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Album Review: Lemuria -The Distance Is So Big

The Distance Is So Big
**** out of *****

After a quick blip of an intro "Brilliant Dancer" kicks off Lemuria's neweset release with a splash of catchy-cool, pop-based rock that showcases the immense musical confidence this band has in store for the listener. While they still show their love of 90's alt-rock, it is in a sweeter tone, fuzz and feedback are gone, more quirkiness and odd changes are mixed in.

The Buffalo, NY based trio of Alex Kerns (Drums, Vocals) Sheena Ozzella (Guitar, Vocals) Max Gregor (Bass) have crafted a winning disk with their third full length. "Clay Baby" is engaging power pop with a slight 80's vibe. The trio continues to hang their hat on ear altering changes that are unique and rich making short pop-rock tracks can seem like winding adventures. "Scienceless" showcases the wispy vocals of Ozzella behind sturdy rock while "Oahu, Hawaii" shows off an odder side if ending up a bit thin.  

"Paint The Youth" is a disk highlight with it's angular style, electro flourishes and positive message over a bumping bass line outro. On past disks the male/female vocals got stuck in relationship bickering, on songs like this one the words elevate the whole proceedings.

"Dream Eater" brings back the Veruca Salt-lite comparisons as the band dips into the 90's scene while the dynamic drumming gives the low-end showcasing "Bluffing Statistics" some edge. "Public Opinion Bath" could be a reaction to critics, or an enemy and while the music bubbles, the lyrics distract; when the groups lyrics seem to be cast-off, the songs suffer no matter how fresh the trio's instruments sound.

Tracks like "Congratulations Sex" however are a the total package as the band bangs out in different tempos before linking for a bridge behind Ozzella's best vocal and lyrical effort here.  Honesty and heartfelt emotion are on display in front of dynamic crescendos and gallops.    

Lemuria seem to be on the verge of a breakthrough and The Distance Is So Big could easily push them to new heights as the band continues to evolve. 
Having caught Lemuria live and reviewed their album back in 2011 we were excited to see what they did; color us impressed. They are a hell of an act, and one that could get even better with time, age and frankly a bit better lyrics.  Overall though this is an excellent album, the playing is top fucking notch.

Support the band here, buy the album here and for a limited time you can stream the album at NPR. Also peep some samples below:
"Brilliant Dancer"

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