Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Album Review: Action Bronson-SAAAB Stories

Action Bronson
SAAAB Stories EP
**and1/2 out of *****

Living somewhere between an EP and a full length comes Action Bronson's newest release, SAAAB Stories. The MC has paired with Harry Fraud on production and the overall aesthetic is more laid back and easy going then Action's last, the fantastic Rare Chandeliers. Here loopy beats and understated music back the Queens MC as he continues to rhyme about food, women, his neighborhood and wilding out.

Bronson's flow can vary, at times like on the intro "72 Virgins" which finds him over stuffing some of his lines with word play; he sacrifices flow to paint his lyrical picture. "The Rockers" name checks the fantastic Marty Jannetty from 80's WWF fame, while containing a quintessential Bronson end phrase: "Addicted but ain't nothing prescripted/Baby clams from Montauk, mix it up with the linguistics/Bitch I'm high". Here he serves up his foodie love, his metaphors and his humor into a tastey dish.

The closing "Seven Series Triplets" contains intriguing piano fills and shifting beats ending the release on a high note. Prodigy and Raekwon add verses with Bronson who has always resembled a slightly twisted Ghostface Killah. In the end the albums short run time and less then memorable beats will make SAAAB Stories just a passing fling but Bronson continues to showcase a talent that could produce greatness some day very soon.
We first found Action Bronson last year, and we were impressed. Rare Chandeliers is a really solid release as The Alchemist shines just as brightly as Bronson on that disk. Harry Fraud lags behind here, but things are more sterile then dull in the beat department. Action himself comes off fine and with a track record of putting things out often, we are eagerly anticipating his next release.
Support the artist here, pick up the album here and check a few samples below:
"Seven Series Triplets"

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