Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Album Review: The Pixies -EP 1

The Pixies
EP 1
***and1/2 out of *****

When The Pixies announced they would be making a new music the indie rock world cheered, when people found out it was without Kim Deal most were disappointed/confused, when the first single "Bagboy" was released earlier this summer we for one were less then hopeful. Now comes the first in a line of sporadic EP's from the band that they will release digitally and on vinyl through their website.

The first of these, ingeniously titled errr... EP1 seems to grab that magic that made The Pixies originally special. Frank Black obviously dominates but the tunes are cohesive, engaging, and pretty; happily pushing The Pixies fully into the 21st century (finally).

The first single "Indie Cindy" plays in that familiar loud/quiet/loud formula that the band made famous, aggression mixes with the soothing and the bands adds an outro that delights. Same goes for EP closer "What Goes Boom" that plays with that back and fourth tension and screeches with some exhilarating guitar work from Black and Joey Santiago feeling otherworldly at times.

"Another Toe In The Ocean" is the most straight ahead rock song here, with swirling axes, blissful backup vocals bass is taken over for these sessions by Simon Archer, but Kim Shattuck will tour with the band. The opener "Andro Queen" may hold the most promise with it's light marching drums via Dave Lovering, great vocal work/lyrics and shimmering all around production. A weird chanting bridge pins it a Pixies tune through and through showing the band still capable of enchanting music, here's hoping EP 2 arrives soon. 
Wow, Lee Ranaldo and The Pixies on the same day, what year is this 1988? Good to hear these songs though, we did not like "Bagboy" upon release, and like it less now, but these 4 tunes are all excellently crafted. This EP project (if not very creatively titled) holds a lot of promise.

Support the band here, grab the disk here (and stream here for now, thanks WaxRamble) Peep a video for "Indie Cindy" below:

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  1. Good write up, I'm definitely digging EP1 over Bagboy as well. Looking forward to EP2 for sure. Thanks for mentioning my site! :)