Thursday, September 19, 2013

Album Review: Screaming Females-Chalk Tape

Screaming Females 
Chalk Tape 
*** out of *****

The punk trio Screaming Females decided to switch up their musical technique for a project titled Chalk Tape released on Don Giovanni Records earlier this year. While the band was working on their excellent Ugly album they decided to try recording in a different style, writing down musical ideas on a chalk board, recording the ideas in the moment and moving on. The resulting EP is a marked departure from the typical SF sound and a great example of how talented this trio is.

"Sick Bed" opens the tape and immediately signals there is a change in store as Marissa Paternoster's signature guitar sound is nowhere to be found. This rhythm heavy track focuses on vocals as Paternoster sings harmonies with herself over banging drums and sliding bass. "Crushing The Kingdom" is a straight shot of hardcore punk while "Bad Men" is an acoustic take on the title that adds chattering male vocals behind the scenes and a tape recorded outro.

The chaotic and aggressive "Wrecking Ball" throws back to early SF adventures with more freedom as the group adds a a broken chime ending to the screeching cacophony that proceeds it. The band breaks out the hand drums for "Into The Sun" while friends Shell Shag join for the disk closing pop punk duet of "Green Vapors". 

The track "Poison Arrow" is the closest to an outtake of Ugly that you get here, but for the most part this is a complete departure for the band and a fresh take on their sound. If you have never checked them out before you may want to start elsewhere, but this experimental side should hopefully keep things fresh as the band progresses. 
Much love is always given to Screaming Females on RtBE as we think they are super talented, this stripped down side of them is just as appealing and a perfect use of an EP release to compliment their punk style. Here's hoping they never stop experimenting.

Support the band here, grab the album here and peep the bizarre-o video for "Poison Arrow" here:

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