Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Lee Ranaldo Tune, Album Due Next Month.

So I just reviewed the newest release from Kim Gordon for Glide (will be posted soon) and in looking around I noticed that fellow ex-Sonic Youth'ians Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley are coming out with a new album next month.

The album is from Lee Ranaldo and The Dust as opposed to Between The Time and The Tides being just a proper Lee solo disk (although it is hard to tell the difference these days). The Dust are drummer Steve Shelley, guitarist Alan Licht and bassist Tim Lüntzel all who have worked with Ranaldo in the past.  We loved his last disk and if the first track is like the rest of the disk we are in for another treat, peep "Lecce, Leaving" below:

Now that is a fun tune! The new album will be called Last Night On Earth and it will be released on Matador Records, you can find more info here.

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