Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th Of July! New Pixies Tune, Dino Jr. Cover and Band Members

Happy 4th of July All!
Here's hoping you are at a BBQ somewhere living out the American dream, whatever that may be...

Anyway, last year we premiered a new Dino Jr tune on the 4th, this year we just came across their cover of  "Entertainment" by Phoenix, so we figured we would share:

Not saying it is better or worse then the original...but of course it is better, this is Dinosaur!

It is kind of odd though in checking out some Dino Jr video's on Youtube I noticed that Murph has left the band. Kind of sad and hadn't really heard about it anywhere. Lou Barlow himself said that Murph would be back, that he just sort of freaked out before this new tour and needs time away from the band. Here's hoping things stay on track for them, while Kyle Spence playing with the band in Glastonbury is fine, we hope Murph returns soon. 

Also The Pixies are back with a new song, the first one in forever!  It is called "Bagboy" and you can listen and see the official video here:

Turns out though, they have a lineup change as well. Kim Deal is done with the band (until they need money and do another reunion tour) so Kim Shattuck from The Muffs will be playing bass on the newly announced tour and I am guessing singing all of Kim's parts.

We love old Pixies, but this new tune hasn't really done much for us the few times we listened...your thoughts?

Anyway, have a safe holiday and enjoy life love and tunes.

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