Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rock Star to War Hero

I missed this article in the NY Times Magazine around the 4th of July, but Holy Cow what an amazing read, Check it out here.
It is of Jason Everman, who has had a pretty insane life when it comes to...well just about everything. As Clay Tarver the author put it best:
What happened to him was almost inexplicable, a cruel combination of good luck, bad luck and the kind of disappointment that would have overwhelmed me even at my most brashly defiant.

The article really speaks for itself so thanks to Clay Tarver for doing such a good job with it and especially thanks for your service Jason. You can peep some video of Everman rocking on bass with Soundgarden during some live early tunes from the band, def read this one:
"Gun" Live 90

"Bigdumbsex" Live in 89

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