Thursday, July 18, 2013

Album Review Shawn Smith -Grass And Sky EP

Shawn Smith
Grass And Sky EP
** out of *****

Shawn Smith is a prolific song writer from Seattle WA who has been involved in many various projects including fronting both BRAD and Pigeonhead. Having collaborated with the likes of Stone Gossard and Greg Dulli the songwriter has had some unique and high profile interactions. The Grass And Sky EP is a step down from some of his more rock oriented projects and has a simple quality to it. Tracks seep out slowly as if just from waking, still shaking the sleep out of their eyes before the last two tracks give the EP a greater (and much needed) sense of purpose. The opening "All The Love In The World (That's What's Needed)" and "It Was A Holiday" feel like they were taken from actual events/thought that were only half finished and half awake, drowsy in all manners.

The title track is a very quite instrumental that barely cracks the surface with soft strings before "Glorious" jars the listener out of their slumber with a thin sounding disco style beat and off kilter club sound that is out of step with the rest of the EP resulting in an off putting track. "Standing In Your Power" which follows however is the best offering here with its swing and sway sashaying in a soulful manner behind Smith's most successful vocals.

The disk ends with a 10+ minute excursion called "The Other Side Of Death (Is Wide Open)" that plays with piano's, languid vocals and a mega six string solo/outro/wowzer. A large track that incorporates some epic guitar work which drives things over the edge in a good way; this track alone shows Smith has a lot to offer as an artist, hopefully his next effort will continue the alive vitality like the last two tracks offered here.  
You can support Shawn Smith here, you can also stream and download this full album right here. A video is below of an older live performance of Mr. Smith's that was featured in The Soprano's.
"Wrapped In My Memory" Live

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