Monday, July 29, 2013

Dylan Cover #97 Coulson Dean McGuiness Flint "The Death Of Emmett Till"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. For the month of July we are focusing on a full album of cover's done by the British band Coulson-Dean-McGuiness-Flint, today the group tackles: "The Death Of Emmett Till"
Thoughts on Original:
A protest number that screams about the injustice of racial bigotry hatred and injustice present in the senseless murder of Emmett Till. Some background on the horrific act which happened in 1955 but was still floating around Dylan's brain in the civil right era 60's and even in the present culture. A bleak picture, painted by an angry young man, nothing pleasent about this one, but a vital song in Dylan's catalog that finally got an official release with the Whitmark Demo's.      

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
I had never heard of this collection of British Rockers until I started this series and found out the 4 piece crafted a full album of Dylan covers back in 1972. The coolest thing about this must have been that Dylan had not released any of these tracks yet officially. Bootlegs were skirting around but to get these fully flushed out covers is pretty damn cool. What makes it special today is that these songs are still under represented in the world of Bobby D, making these takes still sound fresh. It is going to be a fun July with these Englishmen and Lo and Behold.
Thoughts on Cover:
Well we didn't end this on on the highest of notes, but it is another example of this group of players really making a song their own. The protest vibe, disbelieve, hatred and judgement work well in Dylan's stark original writing and bare bones performance, but they get pushed to the background and sped through with the upbeat tempo and and various instrument playing CDMF put fourth in this cover.
Grade: C-
Overall though what a delightful discovery this July has been, a great way to spend the summer, finding a few British lads who love Dylan's music and put out a fantastic album of (at the time) unknown bard tunes in their own voice. Even today these are songs only hardcore Dylan fans are familiar with so the covers are always worth hearing. We bought the album and suggest you do to if you have been a fan of these tunes, nice job fellows!  

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