Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Album Review: Jungbluth -Part Ache

Part Ache
**** out of *****

Opening with an instrumental that wouldn't be out of place at an arena rock show Jungbluth's newest blast of energy Part Ache brings out all the elements of powerfully loud music. There is punk/metal/arena rock that all blends with a screaming hardcore vocal style (in German) pushing the right bad ass buttons.

After the inspiring "Crevasse" the disk gets more aggressive, "Wakefield" is a screaming blast of hardcore with a bass break cool off. These songs all have instrumental breaks, shout-a-longs or changes that elevate this above your run of the mill punk/hardcore outings. "These Rare Moments" possesses a rocking outro while "Au Revoir Tristesse" is a bass heavy instrumental that thumps.

The drum filled journey of "Zwang Abwarts" smashes through peaks and valleys of laser like guitar flashes while "Angebot/Nachsage" is a clanging thrill ride. Ending with "Crevasse II" finds acoustic instruments and chimes adding to the texture, unexpected and excellent after the fury before it. Even without understanding the German lyrics (when they are yelled at you) doesn't diminish the overall impact of things.

Part Ache is some ripping rock from this German trio with unique twists and turns, one of those comes in the form of this album itself; all download proceeds will be donated to the Anarchist Black Cross: Belarus who were recently convicted and sentenced to harsh penalties. I am not aware of their particular situation but it is good to see the punk movement spreading and lending helping hands.
First I am hearing of Jungbluth who named themselves after a Karl Jungbluth, a German Communist who rebelled against fascism and was executed by the Nazis in 1945. I hope it isn't the last though, this disk really clicked with me. The best part you can stream/download it yourself right here and I highly recommend it, even if I have no clue what the are saying, but they hate Nazi's and that's good enough for me.

Support the group here. Below is an older song of theirs, Enjoy:

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