Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from RtBE!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Make sure you spend sometime over this holiday doing what is truly important...Watching The Last Waltz:

Also make sure to enjoy your time with loved ones and family.

 Last year we had some clips from 1986's Thanksgiving Day Parade, today we are tossing it back to 1990. First up we got some Muppet's as this was the first parade after the death of Jim Henson

Some cool info in that piece.

Now how about Patti LaBelle singing "Wouldn't It Be Beautiful" on top of a giant turkey:

We will also give a shout out to the kids who march and play the music, so here is a full piece on the Marching Spoofhounds as the MHS marching band shares their journey to the parade.  

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