Thursday, November 13, 2014

Album Review- El Camino Sutra: Bloom EP

El Camino Sutra
**and1/2 out of *****
Here is the best new band name we have yet to come across in 2014 as El Camino Sutra simply nail it. Naming a band is no easy task and this one succeeds as playful, retro, and bad ass. Outside of the pun-y yet hip moniker, the trio from Monterey, California have crafted their second EP of 2014, Bloom around some upbeat catchy surf garage rock.

First track "When I Knew Why (Part 2)" has some high octane riffs and nasal singing before a bass break and crashing finale. The crusted in fuzz pop/rock of "Bloom/Melt" deals with isolation over waves of riffs. "Timeline" chugs along like the ticking of the clock with angsty lyrics before a bright break and chorus. The finale finds El Camino Sutra punching up the tempo with the pop-punk of "Small Talk" a fitting end to a short fun ride.  

More then just a catchy name the band has a solid, quick, EP under its belt with enough distortion and changes to keep listeners engaged while keeping a straight ahead format that's familiar. Vocally some listeners may be distracted by lead Keith Damron's singing style which picks up on a whine level somewhere between Doug Martsch and Daniel Johnston, but it completely fits the full song presentation on Bloom, which is the new EP by El Camino Sutra...a bands whose name I can't type enough.  
Just like RtBE going from one of the biggest bands in the world to yet another great bandcamp find.  A+ for the band name, hot damn that makes me jealous. Oh and we would def rather listen to this all day then the boys from Ireland's newest. 

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