Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sleater-Kinney to Tour Behind New Album in 2015

In some very exciting and unexpected news Sleater-Kinney have recorded a new album and will be touring behind it in early 2015! And seriously, sorry Pretty K, fuck this headline
This news is pure Boosh, we got into SK late in the game, sometime just after the release of One Beat.

After that one we dove into their back catalog with Dig Me Out ending up our favorite:

Then we simply LOVED The Woods ranking it in our list of the best of the decade over on Glide. We have had The Woods and Dig Me Out as well as Corin Tucker's latest on our ipod/phone continually since the group disbanded in 2005. 

So facking cool that they are coming back as we only saw them once waaaaay back in their early days (I want to say 96?) so getting a chance to see them again would be amazing. Sleater-Kinney can get punky, groovy (even without a bassist), noisy, and honestly they have never put out a bad album in their full catalog. Here is hoping that trend will continue as we have liked the individual players albums they have put out during the trio's hiatus.

They have released their first new single which you can hear below and Slate has put together an excellent collection of where to start if you are not familiar with the band. Glide also put out there rankings, and by reading our post here, you already know Glide got it right. Get familiar cause Janet, Carrie and Corin are a fucking killer rock trio, here is the bad ass "Bury Our Friends":


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