Thursday, November 20, 2014

Huge Noiserock Sampler Blooming from Fleeting Youth Records

Did this morning's J Mascis post start you itching for some real fuzz laden high energy rock and roll? Well Fleeting Youth Records is here to scratch that itch with it's mega sampler LP titled Blooming which showcases (in their words): 90+ minutes of fuzz-fucked bliss from 33 different bands.
You can stream the full album here on Soundcloud and it is a doozy with the majority being high quality rock and roll that gets fuzzy/scuzzy/punky/groovy in the right spots. Lots of noisy riffs, feedback drenched bass and smashing cymbals. Give the whole thing a listen there are lots of interesting bands and a few who we hope to feature full album reviews on their own in the near future. RtBE will take a second though and highlight a few tunes that jumped out at us below with links to the bands full site if available:

 Goners- "Teenage Depression"

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control- "$10 ATM"

Shapebreaker- "Climb Down"

VLMA- "thumb bucket"

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