Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Album Review: Murder By Death- Big Dark Love

Murder By Death
Big Dark Love
** out of *****
The theatrical tendencies of Murder By Death mix with a production of restraint on their newest offering Big Dark Love. Don't be mistaken Adam Turla and company are still flamboyant in their indie rock ways but there is breathing space between instruments that goes against the groups grandiose feel.

Opening with "I Shot An Arrow" Murder By Death takes clipped beats and horn fills to a precise pace before a spastic over driven ending muddles things; and this is Big Dark Love in a nutshell. The title track starts with a muted production gimmick then focuses in on an iffy lyrical direction, with spitting on someone leading to a greater understanding.  

There aren't any sing along choruses which this style calls for and Turla's voice is more deadpan then can be asked for. The lack of emotion mixed with the dramatic writing can grind, no place more obvious then "Send Me Home" which mixes cheesy keyboards with picking strings for an unsavory finish.

The best offering here is the straight ahead "Last Thing" which seems honest and urgent but still struggles to breath behind an opening keyboard padding that is unnecessary. It just feels like the band over-saturated things on Big Dark Love, shooting for the moon and falling short..
Support the artist here, buy the album here Catch the band in NYC at our favorite venue Bowery Ballroom on 2/28 and peep some video below:

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