Thursday, February 26, 2015

Album Review: TOMBTHEMUSICIAN- Hot Minute

Hot Minute
**and1/2 out of *****
TOMBTHEMUSICIAN finds Tom Brent going off as Mike Shawcross drums behind him in a stream of punk angst, while the duo are credited here, Brent is the pushing force as a front-man from the name down to his style. The seven track Hot Minute has a distinct DYI feel that seeps through the headphones and places you in Brent's world for just over 15 minutes of feedback, strums, skin slams and righteous vocals. 

TOMB isn't grungy punk but more odd and engaging as Brent works up a lather over dead kings and queens in the opening "We Are The Villains" before offering up his best track in "Throw It All Away". The tune is a winner as the beginning finds Brent strumming an acoustic guitar proclaiming that he doesn't want to talk about war, just love but that doesn't last one line as something is clearly haunting him. An excellent track that builds over multiple guitars/rhythm patterns and drums, highlighting the release as a whole.    

The heaviest/thrashiest the duo becomes is on the quick burning "Matryrs" which flashes with angry pride and even manages to slam in a descending guitar solo. Brent pulls it back into more of his wheelhouse though with the Minutemen sounding closers of "Awakening" and "I Am The Anti-Christ",  and like those Californians from decades ago, Brent seems to be searching for his own voice which is refreshing.   
Again we were digging into bandcamp and we came up with a pretty quirky and catchy release from TOMBTHEMUSICIAN. Felt it was worth highlighting.

Find more of the artist here on twitter, facebook page here, stream/buy the album here or below:

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