Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bob Dylan's MusiCares Speech

Bob Dylan has been in a lot of old people's news lately with his AARP interview and his appearance at The Grammy's. A whole generation, or three at this point, don't give two shits about the Grammy's and they shouldn't, but they should go ahead and give Bob's MusiCares acceptance speech a read
MusiCares is a solid organization and Bob was magnanimous to accept and be as honest as he may have ever been in regards to his songs and partly the music industry in his speech.

The gossip will make the headlines, but it was the tying of his songs to their, perhaps, original inspiration which was really great for RtBE (who are massive fans of Dylan's in case you are new here) to read.

Johnny Cash "Five Feet High and Risin'" soaked its way into "It's Alright Ma"

and Big Bill Broonzy's "Key to the Highway" burning itself into "Highway 61"

That kind of open honesty is rare from Dylan, I wish someone would get him to talk about all of his songs, especially his underrepresented late 70's to now period, but this may be the best we get from the Bard. Who knows we may even get a Gospel album out of him:

Our editor and Cougar fan loved the shout out to Mellancamp, and I dug finishing up with a bad joke, but everyone should enjoy this slice of history and give "Red Hot" a, now Dylan will get Bill Lee Riley into the other Old Man institution, the silly rock and roll hall of fame.  

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