Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Game of Thrones Music Update: Catch the Throne II

We are fans of pretty much all things Game of Thrones, but for this site the music takes the lead.
We shared some amazing NOLA inspired playing from the books/show, talked about it at the day job and reviewed the first Mixtape: Catch The Throne. With the HBO Series coming back in a month it makes sense for volume 2 of the mixtape to come out and it will next week.

Some previews have come out such as Talib Kwalei's track, "Lord of the Light" which you can peep here with a bad ass intro from none other then Davos Seaworth:

Expanding beyond hip-hop this time around, some metal acts have been asked to contribute and one of our favorite current ones, Mastodon, leaked a short preview of their contribution to the mixtape yesterday:

Once it is out we will get a full review up, and we can not wait for season 5.


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