Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Album Review: Social Lovers- Enjoy The Ride

Social Lovers
Enjoy The Ride
**and1/2 out of *****
The Phoenix based duo Social Lovers first full length on Cherries Records is a six song stroll through a quirky mix of funk, new wave and disco. Most press releases stretch the truth but Enjoy The Ride's nails it with the description, "smooth, modern funk & disco sounds, with a touch of bossa nova & soft rock". Summed up nicely.

The opener "Baby Tonight" is a slow build taking things at a light easy pace before "Cosmic Love" amps up the sultry and the bass. "Love Sick Eyes" is the most complete track pushing the duo's best groove to the forefront and recalling a Blondie in their heyday aesthetic.

"Enjoy The Ride" is the first duel vocal from the group, until now it was just a female presence whose vocals are wispy at best. Here the male dynamic tries to funk things up but also isn't very successful. The instrumental "Lover's Theme" better suites the groups overall feel letting the music take the lead on the listening journey. Vocally, accents and flair are fine it is just when full verses get expressed that they feel light and float away.

The keyboard heavy with fuzz effects "Love's True" ends things and for a band and album custom made for the late night lounge it is a sweet ending, that will probably continue on til morning.        
Another interesting bandcamp find.

Support the band here, stream the album here or below, and peep some video:

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