Thursday, May 7, 2015

Album Review: Zuli- Supernatural Voodoo

Supernatural Voodoo
**** out of *****
The Supernatural Voodoo EP is the first solo release from 22 year old Long Island based Ryan Camenzuli, aka Zuli. For a short debut it is pretty god damn self assured, wide ranging and inquisitive while still inward looking; a truly engaging listen.

Zuli has been playing music for most of his life but only immersed himself fully recently and the result here proves it is worth the time and effort he has put in. Playing all the instruments himself writing everything from the ground up including odd pairings of distortion and pop Supernatural Voodoo has a distinct vibe while still being warmly familiar.     

The title opener is probably the fullest realization of his swirling sound and vision. Catchy and memorable while still quirky, the synths bubble up dancing with guitar lines over strong fully realized driving percussion, in the end leaving you wanting more. 

"Better All The Time" was the first single from the EP and shows off the ethereal vocals before morphing in a straight ahead pop tune with some jangle and sound effects below the surface. "Forget My Name" starts with the percussive basics before swelling with nervous energy that slides into the finale of the EP.

Disk closer "Better // Forget" is exhilarating instrumental pushing into frenetic dreamscapes with ace guitar runs, packing an excellent noise-pop punch into only two minutes. Things aren't all perfect as a track like "Keep It Together" crams too much into it's run time skittering with overloaded effects and tempo changes, but for a confident new artist trying too much is rarely a bad thing.   
When Supernatural Voodoo ends it is a slight disappointment as Zuli was in such a groove that you want more, but hopefully he stays solo, unique and continues to create engaging tunes.
One of our favorite new finds of the year so far.

Support the artist here, buy the album here, stream it here, and peep some video below:  

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