Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Album Review: Bully- Feels Like

Feels Like
*** out of *****

The Nashville quartets Bully's first release Feels Like is a packed bullet train ride with eleven tracks clocking it at just over twenty seven minutes. It is a warm summer album with tight poppy punk/indie rock playing and vocals provided by front woman Alicia Bognanno.

Backing up Bognanno is Stewart Copeland (not that one), Clayton Parker and Reece Lazarus as the young players provide deft work through a mix of feedback, basic rhythms and at the albums best moments dreamie rock."I Remember" starts things on the bands hardest edge with a screechy Bognanno recalling some not so fine moments urgently over poppy punk rock.

The band takes control leading things through various changes on "Reason" and the dream-pop first single "Too Tough". "Six" motors in a danceable rock and roll way, an overall sense of fuzziness is behind the songs but there is a distinct sheen of radio friendly polish buffed over all the tracks. "Trash" slows things down and puts a focus on the bass but even their sludginess and angst  the band still manages to sound pretty.      

The best thing the band accomplishes is keeping the tracks short yet still packing enough of a melodic hook for them to stick. Never do they overstay their welcome and Bognanno's female take on things lyrically, especially on tracks like "Trying", give the band an engaging twist. A solid first effort from the youthful band an enjoyable listen all around for rock lovers of any age.
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