Thursday, June 4, 2015

Greg Cartwright Streaming DJ Set

We went through the archives of WFMU's Ichiban Rock and Soul and found this great DJ Set from one of favorites, Greg Cartwright the main man behind that sweet Reigning Sound.
There are only a few frontman we would love to hear DJ and honestly Cartwright tops the list. Not only does he have a great ear for a cool tune, he also acts as music historian, playing tracks, artists and record labels we have never heard ever. It opens up new worlds of sound leading to endless crate digging and youtube searching for the scratchy vinyl gems.
Click here for the Greg's playing of tunes that focuses on some rockabilly this go around, making things ease by with grace a soulful style. This is the 7th time Greg has DJ'ed for the site, we will probably go back and focus on a few more of these, but this one is a great way to kick off a sleepy hump day. Enjoy. 

Mello-Tones - Twistin' Guitar
Mel Street - Moonshine Man
Elmer Lush - Tavern Song
Marvin Rainwater - Gamblin' Man
Buck Jones - Box Of Grass
Charlie Starr - Solitary Woman
Red West - My Babe
Wild Bill Cooksy - Mississippi Hippie
Ray Griff - Sugar From My Candy
Mel Tillis - Loco Weed
Rose Maddox - What Good Will It Do
Eddie Noack - Shotgun House
Ilene Rushing - Shake It Baby
Dean Greer - Who Can That Fool Be
Freddy McDuff - Jack Daddy
Red West - Bossa Nova Mommza
Les Waldroop - Watergate Bugs
George Darro - Eye'n You Up
Jerry McGill - I Wanna Make Sweet Love
Betty Foley - Old Moon
Ricky Wilkins - Hang Loose
Loyd Howell - Truck Driving Jack
Zookie & The Potentates - Bachelors Got It Made
Ray Smith - Let Yourself Go
Jerry Reed - Twist-A-Roo
Mello-Tones - Walkin' Charlie
Dennis Wheeler - Rock Bottom 

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