Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Watt from Pedro Show with Rob Cambre

A pretty cool meetings of the minds as Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, The Stooges) hosts his webased radio show and interviews a friend of ours Mr. Rob Cambre (Rough 7, Anxious Sound)  on his Watt from Pedro show which you can stream here.
The Watt from Pedro Show with Rob Cambre
Watt plays a lot of music (setlist is below) and Rob and Mike reminisce on their first meeting, Watt being scared to talk to Richard Hell and how Rob's obsession of overtones/distortion got him into playing guitar.

It is a long show (3 Hours!) with a lot of tunes and chatting. Fair warning if you are unfamiliar with Watt or Cambre, but the music presented here fits both of their styles, all over the map ranging from experimental noise to country hoedowns to rock. To be honest Mike isn't the best interviewer but Watt does do a good job explaining the lesser known artists he plays, lots of variety there from around the world.

For RtBE's money it is really cool to hear a lot of the experimental jazz Rob is playing such as "Kobo". I am pumped for Rob having interviewed him as well for Glide and hung with him in his home town of New Orleans. Congrats! 

hour one:

"naima" (alternate version - take 1, incomplete) john coltrane
"circle bar 3" dry bones trio

"kobo" (temporary title) cambre/miller/nakatani
"kamti beashmoret" barbez
"windshield smasher (longmont potion castle remix)" black moth super rainbow
"soup bones" umpio
"waitin'" banditos
"sakav da se zaljubam" bernay's propaganda
"not enough" the spacepony
"playing football" seb + the rahh dicks
"dead mouse in a fire bucket" howie reeve

hour two:

"circle bar 4" dry bones trio
"nineteen century man" can
"quicksilver" boris
"orion canyon" insect surfers
"thinkers mix" thollem/wimberly/cline
"light & grace" nudity

"preacher by day" rough 7
"grand inquisitor" surfer blood
"I am that I am" ben lee
"chat noir" panorama city
"wrong side" todd congelliere
"hurrying kids to hell" can can heads

hour three:

"circle bar 5" dry bones trio
"quit my job" fredrik kinbom
"alligator suitcase" atomic sherpas
"fairlane swain" murcielago
"dark blue sea" (no horns mix) labor camp
"eye rack" john wilkes booth
"shape shifting" family room

"one man army" gg allin & the jabbers
"smoking unit" revolver flavour
"the long game" no volcano
"I'm not in love" the father figures
"the aliens are trying to save us from ourselves" the peasants
"street light b" round eye
"have love will travel" the portugal japan


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