Wednesday, December 30, 2015

10 Years With Glide Magazine: A Look Back Part 5

Wow, @glidemag, has it really been 10 years since I first contributed to the website? That is hard to believe, time flies. In chatting with the sites fantastic editor, Shane Handler, about this series it turns out I have been the longest continual contributor to Glide, that's a fun feat. It continues to be a great ride but since everyone likes round numbers, I decided to take some time to look back at my favorite writings for the site.

For our final installment we want to focus on the piece we go back to the most and the one we were the most proud to work on, as we helped shape Glide's List of the Best Albums of The Decade.

Working directly with Shane, this list was a combo of ideas but a ton of our personal feelings are here and that is evident to anyone who knows us or has been on the other end of a rant of ours on underrated Reigning Sound are.

This list still holds up IMO, and we go back to it more often then we probably should, but we will hear an album for the first time in a while and go back to see where rated it, or if we did...

Sure it is not perfect, some omissions that we made, and most of these we realized pretty soon after. The Marshall Mathers LP was a mistake, I left it off my list because honestly I thought it was released in '99, but that is no excuse. It should be on there even if at 50 and the Cold War Kids shouldn't be. Plain and simple.

Other ones that could have been added, Jay-Z's The Blueprint could have gotten a nod as well as Kayne's Late Registration. In retrospect, we love Titus Andronicus high point The Monitor and would argue for it's inclusion now interestingly, Amy Winehouse's Back in Black may have deserved a mention on the more popular side of things.

I am sure we are forgetting others (feel free to add them in the comments) but as a whole we are very very happy with this list and thank Shane immensely for letting us help out with this one. We think it has aged well and we want to wrap up this look back with a few lesser known selections from that list you may not have heard before, or should just hear again. Consider it a virtual mixtape:


Wow, 10 years contributing to Glide Magazine. Here's to 10 more!

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