Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy 30th B-Day Dinosaur Jr.

We wrote a long article for @glidemag to celebrate Dinosaur Jr's milestone of turning thirty this month. You can Read it Right C'here!!!
It was a pleasure to go back through the bands discography and pick one song from each of their albums to highlight. What was really staggering was how there was very little drop off from disk to disk; the band never made a bad album.

The band celebrates their milestone by starting out 7 Sold Out shows tonight at our favorite NYC venue Bowery Ballroom. We will be in attendance tomorrow night and can not wait.

Originally Shane over at Glide had asked me to put together a top ten song list, but I personally would have overloaded that list with songs from You're Living All Over Me, (for more of my thoughts on that disk please read this piece written for NYPL on the 25th anniversary of that disk).  Instead I went through each of their albums and found the songs that spoke to me the most. It was a joy as this band is so damn good there are no clunkers in the mix.

That exercise also proved just how critical J is to Dino, that may be obvious, but while it is cool the original trio is back together, honestly (and this was a new surprising realization) as long as Mascis decides to keep playing these songs with anyone, they will be worth seeing.
Glide posted youtube versions of all the songs we selected so we will post five songs that just missed our cut for the article, enjoy:
"Start Choppin'"

"Been There All The Time"

"The Post" Live in 2005


"The Wagon"

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