Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Prayers For Lil' Richard

When a good writer nails it, we gotta give props, and David Ramsey does just that with his article titled "Prayers For Richard" in Oxford American's newest edition. Give it a read
This piece reminds us of Nick Tosches unreal book on Jerry Lee Lewis, Hellfire. That for RtBE's money, is the greatest thing ever written about Rock and Roll, and David Ramsey latches on to that spirit for his Little Richard piece.

I mean, has there been a better line then "the self-proclaimed king and queen of rock & roll looked fabulous".

Here's hoping Ricardo is doing well, he is the embodiment of rock and roll and gets nowhere near the credit he deserves. I hope he finds solace in the scripture and is living out the rest of his life as best as it can be. There will never be another like him.

Enjoy some of his tunes on this Tuesday:

Good Booty indeed.

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