Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Frightened Rabbit Album April 8th Painting Of A Panic Attack

One of RtBE's most anticipated 2016 releases comes out in a few weeks as the Scottish band Frightened Rabbit will be releasing the excellently titled Painting of a Panic Attack on April 8th.
A few years back when we were rounding up our favorite albums of 2013 in our Best of list, Frightened Rabbits last release, Pedestrian Verse took the top spot (and honor I am sure the band holds near and dear to their heart, quick side note we still listen to all of those albums regularly).

In our review of that album on Glide we mentioned the group really felt like a band, so we are excited to see how much better things have become with this next release. You can pre-order the disk and get a preview of some of the new tracks below:  

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