Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Album Review: Bleached Welcome The Worms

Welcome The Worms
**** out of ***** 
While the title of Bleached second album has a decomposing ring to it, the band has actually improved their upbeat pop punk from their excellent first release. Welcome The Worms was written during some difficult times and lyrically that shows, but the music (moved along by top notch production) can't help but shine through and elevate the outfit.

The LA based trio of Micayla Grace, Jessie and Jennifer Clavin were experiencing personal turmoil in various forms when this record was written and recorded, a track like "Wasted On You" directly spells out a break up in direct format. It calls out both parties but still displays a power beat, deft background vocals and a killer "oo oo oooo" repeating that is dynamite; even during broken hardheartedness the pop/punk magic wins out.  

Opener "Keep On Keepin' On" sets the tone completely with a straight ahead beat, surviving lyrics and organ influx that twists the dynamics while "Trying To Lose Myself Again" hand claps and wishes for simpler times. "I'm All Over The Place (Mystic Mama)" gets its groove on and closer "Hollywood, We Did It All Wrong" confidently closes things with an eye forward. 

"Sleepwalking" is all about the beautiful bass runs that Grace manages to intertwine with the other players and "Chemical Air" is a showcase for guitarist Jennifer Clavin. A sugary sweet drug trip (complete with bong rip intro) is swayed to during the 50's by way of the Go-Go's "Sour Candy" and while there isn't a clunker in the bunch "Desolate Town" is confused as it goes grungy then tries a mid tune uplift that never really takes off.   

A shining gem of a song is the Joan Jett influenced "Wednesday Night Melody" that puts a positive spin on it all via a feel good, life affirming track that can't help but make a listener smile and shake a tail feather. Welcome The Worms is a great album from a band that only seems to be getting better. 
RtBE enjoyed the bands first album, but this is a step up and an all around excellent release. Grab it and peep some video below:

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