Thursday, March 3, 2016

Professor Longhair Live in Chicago, Long Lost Recording Surfaces

Our proud poppas @glidemag and particularly Neil Ferguson wrote up a spectacular article highlighted by a killer premier of live track from Fess. Professor Longhair is captured getting loose on his seminal song "Big Chief" from the soon to be released Live in Chicago:

Neil covers everything excellently, we will just add our personal two cents...RtBE can not wait to head down for Jazzfest this year. It can NOT come soon enough.

Here are two more tracks from this fantastic release coming April 12th from Orleans Records.

And to finish up today, here are some videos of the Professor in action, with The Meters no less:

RtBE would have loved to have caught him back in the day, what a performer. His songs live on virtually everywhere in that town...les bons temps rouler...

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