Thursday, March 29, 2018

Gang Starr's Career Highlight Moment of Truth Turns 20

This weekend marks a milestone for a hip hop classic record. Gang Starr's Moment of Truth turns twenty years old on the Saturday so we figured we would celebrate a few days early.
This album will always have a special place in our heart. It came out in our college days and it seemed all of our friends were down with it. From top to bottom it is a great hip hop album that runs eighty minutes and shockingly, no tracks are weak; that itself is incredible rare.

We are not going to go in-depth here though, we will leave that to Clayton Purdom who did a damn good job of that over at the AV Club.

Quick story though...I was lucky enough to catch Gang Starr on this tour when they rolled into Tramps with M.O.P. opening for them. Hip Hop is not usually a live experience but this show was memorable because it was fantastic. M.O.P did everything an opening act should do, brought tons of energy, were short and to the point. 

Gang Starr played almost all of their album with lots of the guests including Inspectah Deck showing up to do their parts. Freddie Foxxx was in attendance as well to do his verse on "The Militia" and I would wager that no one is as removed from their name as he is...that man was huge and roaring, far from sly. 

DJ Premier was excellent spinning and cutting records while Guru kept things moving and the whole night was a hoot in the packed club. A fantastic memory of a great night of music with good friends.

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the release of Moment of Truth let's do the best thing possible, listen to some tracks:


And RtBE will end with our favorite track from an LP chock full of them:

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