Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Album Review: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

Hot Snakes
Jericho Sirens
*** out of *****

On Hot Snakes first full length in over thirteen years the post hardcore rockers continue their unique brand of a punk rock that mixes arty flashes with punching low end work.

Jericho Sirens collection of ten short tracks runs the gamut from out and out fury to more restrained nuanced tracks. Vocally front man Rick Froberg still can scream or strain with the best of them while lyrically remains arty and aloof with more colors of sound than coherent thoughts or screeds against specific topics.

The group kicks down the down with it's most aggressive offerings right out the box. "I Need A Doctor" is a cry for help blasting forward in punk fashion while "Candid Cameras" gets angular with guitars and engaging drum work. Having two drummers is unique for any punk band and
Jason Kourkounis and Mario Rubalcaba along for the ride can inject an interesting dynamic at times.

A more direct rocker is the countdown closing "Death Camp Fantasy" which, despite it's title is the most pop punk track here. Metallic scratchy guitars and feedback color "Having Another?" while the engaging low end groove pushes "Death Doula" in ominous fashion before the closer "Death Of A Sportsman" pays tribute to one of the bands big influences, Suicide.

The groups intriguing appeal shows up in the middle of the disk with three tracks in a row. Their most aggressive offering, "Why Don't It Sink In?" gallops hard at a minute twenty before the swinging bar rock of "Six Wave Hold-Down" completely shifts gears and the marching doom laden title track closes things. Safe to say not all fans will like all three tracks, but their lies the appeal of the group; fans of interesting hard rock will find something to latch on to.

Sub Pop has released this record and plan to re-release their back catalog so a new generation of arty punk rockers can get down with Hot Snakes; Jericho Sirens is a confident return for the band.
Support the band, buy the album peep some video below:

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