Friday, June 19, 2020

Bandcamp Donating Sales To NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Bandcamp is one of RtBE's favorite sites on the internet. Our Bandcamp Tag aggregates all of our posts we use on the site over the years and as of today there are over 295.

There are days we will just jump on Bandcamp, follow some suggestions or tags and make amazing or not-so stellar discoveries.The site has been a treasure trove of glorious music, and we even put out our own musical releases primarily on the site.

Over the last few months with the Covid-19 Pandemic, Bandcamp have been doing even more for the artists who use their site. Today they are donating all of their shares of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

It is a great site, go on it and find some music, support the artists and help contribute to a worthy cause as RtBE fully supports Black Lives Matter and all the work that the NAACP Legal Defense Fund is doing.

If you are looking for a place to start, here is one of RtBE's all-time favorite Bandcamp finds, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. RtBE first found out about CSaTA while we were just bumming around Bandcamp back in 2016 getting set for our Jazzy January monthly series. He is amazing and his wide ranging 2017 release The Centennial Trilogy rated as one of our favorite from the last decade.

And on completely different note you can support RtBE's band Angels & Vagabonds as well:

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