Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Album Review: Silver Synthetic - Silver Synthetic

Silver Synthetic
**** out of *****

The debut self-titled release from the New Orleans based quartet Silver Synthetic is a warm reminder of classic rock and roll sweetness and charm. Many mainstream influences pop up over the eight tracks presented here, but also an honesty of playing in a band and crafting woolly tunes molded around love/desire, melody/rhythm and harmonies. 

The instant feeling from the self titled album is, "What if The Velvet Underground collaborated with Neil Young" as the group delivers a cool rock vibe with natural loose elements, immediately evident on the opener "In The Beginning" which takes a "Sweet Jane" groove and puts a light twang on it.  That vibe continues for "Unchain Your Heart" which injects a bit of Rolling Stone strut while "Around The Bend" wraps up with a great guitar vamp outro; a musical highlight on the record. 

The group (Chris Lyons, Lucas Bogner, Pete Campanelli, Kunal Prakash) slow down for "Chasm Killer" which is a rare dull moment on the album but they rev it back up and start chooglin' in CCR style for "Out of the Darkness" which grooves majestically. The shimmering ballad "Unholy Love" and the gorgeously bright riffs of the buoyant "Some Of What You Want" use pop harmonies winningly with light touches of Steve Miller Band and Wilco. 

Closer "On The Way Home" uses a dreamy jangle with Beatles like flourishes to wrap up a stunningly strong debut from the New Orleans foursome. Silver Synthetic aren't breaking new ground, just combining excellent influences on their own terms as they craft catchy, easy rolling, rock and roll.    
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