Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Album Review: Mesh - Mesh

*** out of *****

The self titled collection of tunes from the Philadelphia based four piece Mesh is a snappy run through of late 70's/early 80's inspired Brit art punk in the vein of the Buzzcocks and The Jam

Opening with the bass pumping "CIA Mind Control" the group fall into that Pete Shelley formula of catchy as hell pop punk with darker lyrical themes. They stick with this style through "Company Jeep"  bringing in angular guitar strums and "Missing Link" which gets the pogo bopping via slapping drums.

"The Traveler" carries with it a more varied pallet, incorporating western themed desert rock, spacey keyboard noises and an artsy cinematic scope. The glue sniffing finale "UR Dead" also plays with electro keys and guitar effects while traversing a wide musical range in just over two and a half minutes.  

The band confidently drives through the five tracks on this self titled EP, mixing art/pop/punk throughout. A solid offering from Mesh that finds the band respecting its influences while delivering original efforts.   
A random bandcamp find, Mesh are one to watch going forward. 
Support the artists, buy the album, stream it below or on bandcamp and peep some video:

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