Monday, July 12, 2021

Drive-By Truckers to Release 2006 Live Album Tomorrow

The excellent Drive-By Truckers will be releasing Plan 9 Records July 13th, 2006 tomorrow via digital outlets to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the show. 

The incarnation of the band during this time just may be their peak as the group included Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood, Jason Isbell, Brad Morgan, John Neff, and Shonna Tucker. 

This was a Plan 9 25th Anniversary celebration as well as a benefit for The Harvey Foundation. Hood would later write the song “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife” in tribute to Bryan and his family, recalling the event Hood wrote:

“Our pay was a case of PBR and two bottles of whiskey. There wasn’t a drop left by the end of the encore. They pushed back all of the record shelving to make room for a little over 200 people and cut us loose to play a two hour plus set. Loose and raggedy at times, yet somehow also tighter than shit. It was by far our favorite show of the year and all these years later, I think it is one of the best performances from that era of the band. A few months later, that incarnation of the band was no more and our lives have continued to move in all kinds of mysterious ways. We’re all close friends again and even though it kinda feels like a lifetime ago, it was great to hear these tracks and to re-live the best parts of who we used to be. When you think you have it turned up a little too loud, reach over and turn it up a little bit more.”

The video of this one has been floating around the internet quite a bit but it is great to get some properly mastered live music from the band. Here is "Outfit" from the event. RtBE can't wait to listen and review the full record ASAP.

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