Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Album Review: Movie Club - Fangtooth EP

Movie Club
Fangtooth EP
***and1/2 out of *****

The newest release from the Venice Beach, CA based Movie Club is an engaging instrumental EP, mixing action and bleakness. Fangtooth captures the dissonance, confusion and anger of the recent year plus with sonic paintings of emotions that run the gamut. 

The duo, Jessamyn Violet (drums) and Vince Cuneo (guitar) expanded on this go around (their fifth studio offering) to include horns from Ozomatli's David Ralicke who pitched in on everything from flute, baritone and tenor saxophone (all supped up with effects) and Tim Lefebvre contributing on bass to round out the sound.  
The ominous "Badlands" opens the EP and pours out as an adventure/horror cocktail; it is as if Spy Hunter morphed into a slasher video game at some point along the open road. The questioning "Underwater Highway" is shaky before the blaring of distorted horns and guitars slam home, while "Trap Door" displays a warbling that recalls the peppiest moments from Sonic Youth

"Ghost In The Machine" is the centerpiece of this release, stretching over four minutes it uses a slow building motif which creeps forward becoming brighter and nuanced as it moves towards its dynamic finale."Slinky Fish" excitingly wraps up things on a high note with its dance groove and a beautifully weaving sax solo from Ralicke.

The brief Fangtooth is a winner as each track sets the instrumental scene. Movie Club allow the listener to fill in the emotional blanks while giving them a push in a certain rocking direction. 
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