Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Problem With Spotify: Steve Albini Discussion with Pod Damn America

Earlier today we reviewed a Neil Young release, and he has been trending lately, just not for his music. It is for his stance against Spotify which has spun into musicians against Spotify and their poor royalties distribution. 

RtBE has always been against the idea of streaming because of the poor financial support it gives the artists. The streaming services are exploitative, plain and simple...but we here are not business men. Steve Albini has been in the music game for a long time and has written two pieces that we have thoroughly enjoyed in the past. 

Earlier this month he spent a long time chatting about the problem with Spotify, streaming in general, Neil Young, Joe Rogan, censorship, politics, free speech and much much more.  

It is a long listen, but Pod Damn America let's him role along and he is much smarter on the topic than RtBE could ever be.  If you got time and are interested in the music industry that revolves around these stories/issues, give this a listen.

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