Thursday, August 17, 2023

New Single from Lola Blanc "Trust Me"

The Los Angeles, California based, multi-talented artist Lola Blanc has a new song out, "Trust Me".

Here is Blanc's statement on the song:
“Trust Me” is a song about anxiety. I wrote it after I'd had my first panic attack and went through a period of severe anxiety--anxiety about anxiety--that kind of came out of nowhere, and eventually led to me getting treated for OCD. And while I was still learning the skills in therapy, I was struggling with which thoughts and feelings were "real" and which ones were my anxiety misfiring, and I was just exhausted and feeling foggy all the time, which I now know is just derealization. But it really felt like I was broken. Like my body had betrayed me. So the song came when I'd started doing a lot of work on accepting some uncertainty, and becoming okay with the idea that I wasn't always going to do it right, shit was just gonna feel weird sometimes, and I needed to build trust in myself, trust that I could handle it, even if I did my recovery "wrong." Even if my worst case scenario happened. The song was basically a pep talk to myself that I could do this, and I was gonna be okay.
Check it out below:

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