Tuesday, September 5, 2023

New Single from Funke and The Two Tone Baby, "Can't Stop The Music"

The Rochester, UK based artist Funke and The Two Tone Baby has a new single out, "Can't Stop The Music". 

The artist says the following about the tune:
“”Can’t Stop The Music” is my feel-good summer hit. I gave it its first proper airing at Glastonbury 2023, and hearing a whole field singing this (as then) unknown song back at me full pelt was one of the greatest feelings I’ve had this year. The track’s final hook resonated heavily with the group, as well as with live audiences over the summer. “Can’t Stop The Music” is my ode to unbridled and wholehearted positivity. In the times when you’re the most sad, deflated and defeated, music is the one thing that will never stop, can never be taken away from you and, if you use it correctly, can change the mood of your entire day.”
Check it out below:

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