Thursday, July 1, 2010

Glide Review - ArpLine - Travel Book (and site update)

Have a new Glide Review up today.

It is ArpLine's first release, Travel Book.

Read it right C'Here.

This crew from Brooklyn has been gaining lots of hype and press and playing some pretty kick ass shows.  Unfortuantly my schedule hasn't allowed me to catch them live yet which is a real shame because (confession time) I am actual friends with the mastero on keys.

Oliver and I are both NYBlues and huge Chelsea supporters (both there the first time Roman Abramovich came to Nevada's and both there for the clinching of the league this year.)
 but besides the footie, we both love all kinds of music, from 20th century classical to hardcore metal. ArpLine is niether of those.

What you get with Travel Book is a thick soup of sound that swirls its electronica fingers around and around tightening the concoction with pulsing rhythm and dancey beats. Well I talked about that in the review... so lets give you some of their sound so you can decide, and def go see them live if you can:

ArpLine - Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper from think/feel on Vimeo.

On a technical Note, I will be playing with the look and feel of Rock the Body Electric over the next couple of days, and hope to spruce up the joint a bit over the holiday weekend.  I should also have a few more Glide Reviews coming out soon so you can check out some new tunes at your 4th of July BBq.  All the Best.

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