Friday, July 30, 2010

Glide Review - The Black Keys Live on Summer Stage 7-27-10

Got a new review over there on Glide.

The Black Keys Live in Central Park.

 You can check that sum'bitch right CHERE!!

(Pictures here in case you missed them)

 It was a fun show and they are talented, but come on fellas, bring on the BASS!

Brothers is still my favorite album of the year, and there is a reason for that, The Black Keys expanded their sound to encompass a low end and keyboards....guess what?   That's a real band!

As much as I have a man crush on Jack White, I am not a huge fan of the White Stripes, in fact I drop them to 3rd on the list of best Jackie White projects, behind the Raconteurs and The Dead Weather.  Maybe my ears are bias, but my ass isn't, if you are not getting it moving then you ain't playing the good stuff...wait a second, I just re-wrote "Hips Don't Lie"

Anything to post some Shakira....

Where was I?  I just got distracted,

Oh yeah, rock bands should have a full compliment of sound, to box yourself in, or minimize what you produce is just asinine.  The amount of silly albums and groups that pop up thanks just to Garage Band is insane so when you have talent, like the Keys do, you should flourish and not limit yourself....any way long story short, I love Dan's voice, I love Pat's drumming, but I don't ever think they will be a favorite of mine live unless they switch it up.

T-Minus 5 hours until Primus....

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