Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Which One's Pink?!

So in semi surprising news I saw that David Gilmour and Roger Waters teamed up to play a short set this weekendPink Floyd was a group that I never thought would get back together.  The whole group (but Waters in particular) strike me as having ego's lager then continents. 
When they briefly played at Live 8 it could have been cool if MTV hadn't completly shat the bed with it's coverage.  Jokes can be made how that hasn't been a "Music" channel for the last 15+ years, but to cut to commercials, making money for the company, during a charity event, before Gilmour's "Comfortably Numb" guitar solo is so pathetic it is beyond words.

That said Floyd was always a band I could care less about seeing live.   

I have a few bootleg's from various points in their career, from the early Syd Barrett days

up until their last show at Earls Court, and in reality they never were a particularly engaging live band to me. 

Granted this probably because they were visual/theatrical in the live setting and I am judging more on the music.  For a band that took this much time in the studio and crafted sonic adventures, the replication live holds little in the way of surprises.  They are the pinnicale of recreating their studio efforts live as far as rock and roll goes, and to me that isn't all that interesting.  I would much rather never know whats around the corner at a live show and listen to Floyd's albums on a kick ass sound system in a funky setting.

I do own all of their albums, but I find myself only getting involved with a few of them.  Most of their early output I find lacking, especially in comparison to what The Grateful Dead were doing at the exact same time.  To me the hippies out West had a head-start on the psychedelia.  

Waters is about to tour for The Wall, and I feel that has to be in the discussion of most overrated albums of all time (certainly a discussion for another post). An album that wallows in a narcissism on par with LeBron James if you ask me, besides minimal musical highlights (Gilmour's guitar solo in Comfortably Numb being one) the bile and pettiness of the lyrics are totally off putting. 

Then again I can not deny the completeness and grandeur of Dark Side Of The Moon or the simplistic perfectness of Wish You Were HereAnimals also gets my goat'a goin', but I gotta confess I do enjoy Claypools version more...I am a sucker for that rumble.  Those 3 albums or more then most bands can dream of and are great examples of 70's psychedelic studio craftmanship.       

OK how about some videos to warp the mind:
"Set The Controls" with Uncle Frankie Z Popping Up for no reason!

"Wish You Were Here" maybe the perfect pop song.

And a pretty good video from Claypool's live covering of "Animals" I caught this tour 9 days later at Irving Plaza:

That user Deadmaker46135 has a bunch of clips from that show, and while the video isn't perfect, the sound sure is...check it out...oooh and that gets me pumped for Primus at the end of the Month!

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